AGM 2017

Report on our meeting held 27th March 2017

The last Augustinian meeting of the session is the AGM, a chance to review the past year’s activities and to look forward to the future. The Prior Bro Rick Hudson reflected on another successful year filled with varied and interesting talks, a refection (annual dinner) and a pilgrimage (outside visit). He explained how the society had extended its influence beyond its own activities. He reminded members that there are two pilgrimages lined up for the Summer. He also thanked the various members of the Chapter (committee) who each perform specific tasks for the society.

The Scribe’s report revealed that attendance numbers are holding up well and gave key dates for the next session. The first meeting of the 2017/18 season will take place on Monday 2nd October. The Bursar’s report reassured that finances were on a sound track with no need to increase subscriptions beyond the present £20. That works out at a staggeringly cheap £1.25 for each night’s entertainment.

The Prior and Sub Prior each hold office for two years and it was all change this year. The outgoing Prior Bro Rick Hudson handed over to the new Prior Bro Garry Sunley. Bro Garry in turn handed the Sub Prior’s role and chain of office to Chapter member Maureen Bell. In accepting the role of Prior, Bro Garry referred to the fact that a chain of office is not a symbol of grandeur but a token displaying servitude to the society, and he promised to serve the society with diligence.

There were nine nominees for the nine Chapter Member positions available and so no vote was necessary.

The AGM night is not all business though and, after the AGM was closed, the new Prior invited Geoff Wilson to present a picture quiz. It could have been entitled, “Do You Know Bridlington?” Geoff showed pictures of buildings in Bridlington, some gone within recent living memory and others still standing, and asked members to identify them. This was not as easy as it sounds, even to a room full of people with a strong interest in local history.

The new Prior Garry Sunley asked Christine Gatenby to give the vote of thanks.  She thanked Geoff for the quiz which proved to be good fun. The ooh’s and ah’s would suggest that all enjoyed it. 

The members of the Bridlington Augustinian Society wish everyone a brilliant summer.