AGM 2019

The last meeting of the season was a brief AGM followed by a “Bring Something Interesting” evening.

Every two years at the AGM we elect a new Prior and Sub Prior. This year that was Maureen Bell and Bro John Walker respectively.

In accepting the role of Prior, Maureen Bell explained how the Augustinian Society excelled in her kind of local history.  Well researched study and detective work looking at local people and local places has produced some excellent presentations.  She hoped to facilitate the members’ continued enjoyment of this, our most precious society.

Also Bro George Parrott retired from his role as Scribe.  For the last ten years he has successfully guided Priors in their duties and corresponded with members on matters of interest. He will be a hard act to follow but fortunately the retiring Prior, Bro Garry Sunley, agreed to take on this job.

Nine members nominated for the nine Chapter membership positions were elected en-bloc.

The Bursar Pam Quigley reported finances on an even keel with no need yet for an increase in subscriptions despite a slight fall in membership.

After the AGM members shared their interesting treasures.

Ann Hudson showed her grandfather’s special constables long service medal borrowed from her uncle. Grandfather was a special constable from 1926 to 1945.

Bro Frederick Stephens displayed an aluminium bell made from melted down German aircraft sold in aid of the RAF benevolent fund. It has the faces of the allies Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin on it.

Sub Prior Bro John Walker held a GWR carriage lamp with candle holder bought for a snip at a local market.

Bro George Parrott read from a letter from the Vatican to the Augustinian Society dated 1922 in reply to a request for original plans for the Bridlington Priory.  He also showed a booklet our society produced for the golden anniversary in 1970.

A case brought by Bro Chris Attlesey displayed some metal finds including the arms of Walter de Gant, the founder of the Bridlington Priory, and a Papal Bulla lead seal dating from c.1260.

Christine Gatenby has wooden box, a souvenir from Naples, she played with as a child. She carefully worked the hidden slides and catches to expose first where the key would be kept and finally the key hole.

Our new Prior Maureen Bell introduced members to her book “Bridlington Charters, Court Rolls, and Papers” by J S Purvis MA, an early Augustinian member, and explained some of its hidden treasures.

Sal Cooke held up her mobile phone and mused how the presentation, research, and availability of local history is changing in the internet era.

The first meeting of the next season, in our centenary year, will be on Monday 7th October 2019.