The Mills of Bridlington

About the talk: :  Following on from her previous talk ‘A Brief Introduction to Windmills’, Geraldine  shared the results of her recent researches into the windmill and watermills of the town, adding expert interpretation to the contemporary evidence.

Geraldine has a life-long interest in windmills, having grown up on the site of one.  Volunteering at Skidby Mill in the 1990s led her to study Heritage Management at Bishop Burton College, and she is now a Heritage Interpretation consultant working predominantly in the voluntary sector.  She is largely self-taught in industrial and social history, researching any topics that capture her interest, and sharing her discoveries through talks and demonstrations.  Her mantra is that ‘you are never too old for dressing up or playing with toys’.

Geraldine lives in Cottingham and has helped with projects at many mills across the country, and served on regional and national mills committees.  She has recently started researching the mills of Bridlington.