The Swinging Sixties part 2

In the Charles Brear Memorial Lecture our Prior Bro Garry Sunley continued his recollections of the 1960’s, amply illustrated with photographs, and enhanced with an entertaining commentary. The emphasis this time was on leisure time pursuits, both outdoor and indoor.

In a tribute to the age of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll we were reminded that top performers of the day visited Bridlington including Adam Faith and Cliff Richard and the Shadows. We were also reminded that the fashion for girls was for short skirts, very very short skirts.

Bro Garry showed us our very own ship based pirate radio station, Radio 270, which was eventually shut down in 1967. You could hear their music on a new-fangled transistor radio, but this would set you back 17 guineas as an advert showed, a massive amount back then. Most people rented their televisions from shops such as Turner Electrical. Such electrical products are far cheaper today.

These were the days when every church had a youth club and most had a scout troop. Bro Garry felt that youths back then were well catered for. For older youths, motor scooters were now affordable and Austin and Doran would be happy to supply you with one.

If you were a Bridlington School pupil it was mandatory to wear your cap in public, but the older you were the further back on your head you wore it, defying gravity. Also, for first and second year students, short trousers were obligatory.  Bro Garry pointed out in one photograph how you could identify the “borders” because they wore grey suits.

Bro Garry reviewed the indoor pursuits available.  In the “amusements” the penny arcade was king. Some of the machines, state of the art then but unsophisticated by today’s standard, were made locally by Jamiesons in High Street.

One of Bro Garry’s photographs showed a circus camel and elephants parading down the Promenade. An advert showed that children could get in to see the circus free with an empty packet of Brook Bond tea.

You could take your date to the Regal, Roxy, Winter Gardens, or Lounge cinemas. You could learn to dance at Jimmy & Ida Baron’s dance hall, and attend dinner dances at the Captain’s Table or Cottage Grill. If you wanted a swim though you would have to go all the way to Filey and get a day pass to Butlins holiday camp.

Maureen Bell gave the vote of thanks. She thanked Bro Garry for a nostalgic and amusing look back to the 60’s, a time when she herself sported a Mary Quant hairstyle.